FlashInfo New Weekly Update [17th September 2023 - 23rd September 2023]


FlashInfo APP 

*** FlashInfo APP V1.5.1 ***

  1. Users can now scan business cards, and based on the scan, their data will be filled into the form
  2. Click on "Contact List" and you can access all the scanned business cards.
  3. Get Scanned Business Card Listing
  • Users can see all the business cards.
  • Users can obtain the listing based on Card Image, Person's Name, Company, and Job Title.

3. Users can:

  • Scan business cards directly from the Scanned Business Card Section,
  • Create cards manually,
  • Sort cards in different orders.

4. Added many additional functionalities as below:

  • Make a Phone Call
  • Edit Card Information
  • Add Card to Sequence
  • Add Card to Dialer
  • Save Card to Phone Contacts
  • Share Business Card
  • Add to People List
  • Delete This Card

**** FlashInfo Web - GTM V2.0 Part 1 ***

Added 7 New Trigger Points as below:
  • Added Position trigger.
  • Added Topic Intent trigger.
  • Added Technology Intent trigger.
  • Added Industry trigger.
  • Added People's Position change data trigger.
  • Added person's residential address change data trigger.
  • Added company releases new job recruitment information data trigger.

  • Workflow List Management
  • Added  scheduled execution setting in workflow list .

  • User can update the Workflow working time
  • User can update the Workflow Frequency
  • User can update the Workflow By Limit the number processed to

  • Added Multi Level filter in workflow list .

  • Added workflow status.

**** Salesforce Import Button ***


Now Salesforce User can able to:

  • Add Import To FlashInfo Button into Salesforce Leads
  • Add Import To FlashInfo Button into Salesforce Contacts
  • Add Import To FlashInfo Custom Link into Salesforce Lead Details
  • Add Import To FlashInfo Custom Link Salesforce Contact Details

  • Import and use FlashInfo Direct Inside the Salesforce. 

FlashInfo SalesForce Enrichment

  • Setting updated for SalesForce Integration
  • Added the logic for Import data As All Auto Import to Manual Import Based on Selection

  • Added Histort Data Management In Salesforce CRM Enrichment

User can see based on:

  • how many Data Imported to FlashInfo
  • how many leads and contacts imported. 
  • Status based on Completed / Duplicated / Failed

  • User can able to Add Imported Data From Salesforce CRM Enrichment to Sequece without Spending any additional credits. 
  • User can able to Add Imported Data From Salesforce CRM Enrichment to Dialer without Spending any additional credits.

FlashInfo Engage

Call History Upgrade

  • Calls History support for searching notes text.
  • Switching the filter on the call history page to "include" mode allows you to search notes.

  • You can also use "keywords" for exact matches.

Call From Contact Profile

  • Contacts profile card support click to call

  • Phone Number Support setting automatic removal rule.
  • On the phone number settings page, administrators can set rules for automatically removing numbers, which are turned off by default.

Dialing Tone Optimization

  • Dialing background tone support to turn off
  • After the switch is turned off, music will no longer be played during the dialing process.

Support Team Support Filter

  • Emails and Calls page support filtering by team
  • On the Calls and Emails pages, "Owned by" option supports selecting Team,

Sequence Step Optimization

  • Sequence steps interaction optimization
  • Show the progress of sequence execution with a clearer structure.

  • Clicking on the contact can view the details.

Sequence Execution Optimization

  • Sequence execution logic optimization
  • The sequence is divided into four stages: Scheduled, Paused, Finished, and Scrubbed

  • Sequence statistics are displayed according to the Total contacts, Scrubbed Contacts, and Executable Contacts.

  • Email Steps add bounce rate statistics