FlashInfo New Weekly Update [15th October 2023 - 21st October 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

Chrome Extension

  • Updated People Profile Data Page.

If you see "Oops! Profile not found" please refresh the screen once again, and you will get data in the Chrome Extension.

Unlock Time Filter

  • Unlocked Time syncs based on existing unlock time.
  • Users can apply a past unlock time-based filter for People Search for better segmentation.

List Management

  • Added Activity Date Filter
  • Users can filter people based on their outreach activities.
  • Outreach activities are FlashInfo Engage Activities based on Email Sequence, Call Sequence, Dialer.

  • Added Outreach Activity For People
  • Users can see when the particular prospect received the recent outreach activity in FlashInfo.
  • If a particular prospect has never been a part of any outreach activities, then it will show as NA.

HubSpot CRM Integration

  • Added HubSpot List Contact Import
  • Users can import List-based contacts into FlashInfo CRM Enrichment.
  • Based on the import, users can Add To Sequence / Add To Dialer with no additional credits.
  • Credits will only be charged if the user is doing CRM Enrichment based on Imported Contacts. Read More

Android APP

  • Added Linkedin Scan QR code
  • Users can scan LinkedIn QR codes of people and add them to lists.
  • Users can scan LinkedIn QR codes of people and add them to Sequences.
  • Users can scan LinkedIn QR codes of people and add them to the Dialer.

FlashInfo Engage

Increase LinkedIn tasks in Sequence

  • Currently, it only supports sending connection requests. Sending messages, liking, or commenting on posts will be supported one by one.

  • When creating a LinkedIn task, you must first connect your LinkedIn account.
    • Prompt for creating a task when there is no account available.
    • Prompt for creating tasks when the account is unavailable.

  • Increase LinkedIn account management.
    • The current version is in alpha, and users need to manually obtain cookies for connections. Subsequent versions will support logging in with account passwords and plugins obtaining cookies.
  • An empty page will appear without a LinkedIn account.
  • Account added successfully and tested as available.

  •  Account information and safety settings information.
  • The current default daily connection limit is 5, with an interval of 80-120 seconds between each connection.

  • Increase LinkedIn conversation page.
    • The LinkedIn conversation page will record connections and message history with each contact.

  • Integrate emails, SMS, and LinkedIn into conversations.
    • When hovering over Emails or SMS, support quick selection of the corresponding menu.

  • Support setting the default page when entering the conversation tab.

  • Increase the permission control of LinkedIn tasks.

  • Support matching LinkedIn URLs when importing contacts from CSV.