FlashInfo New Weekly Update [5th November 2023 - 11th November 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

Added Russia to Location Options - Discover

We've expanded our reach by including Russia as a location option for both People and Company Searches. You can now search for individuals and organizations using Russian zip codes.

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Enhanced Google Integration for a Seamless Experience - AI Agent

We're excited to announce our latest integration with Google! Our AI Agent now supports Google Single Sign-On (SSO), making it even easier to access our services.

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Effortless Calendar and Email Access - AI Agent

Our AI Agent now seamlessly integrates with your Google Calendar and Email. Granting permission allows the AI Agent to send Smart Summarization Emails to your prospects. Get ready to impress your contacts with AI-powered email summaries!

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Streamlined Meeting Management - AI Agent

Managing meetings just got simpler with our Google Meeting Permission feature. The AI Agent can now create Google Meetings using Google Meet. Invite your prospects to receive FlashInfo AI-based Smart Summarization Content during your meetings.

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Seamless HubSpot CRM Integration - HubSpot Integration

We've added a new Contact Source option in HubSpot CRM, making it easier to track and manage your contacts. Additionally, we've implemented an automated process for Contact Source Mapping between HubSpot and existing FlashInfo customers. This integration streamlines your CRM experience and ensures that your data is always up-to-date.

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FlashInfo Engage

Add call history to Sequence and support viewing it from statistical jumps.

  • Add call history to Sequence and display the calls associated with the Sequence.
  • Click to view the details of call statistics numbers in Overview.1-4



Open the email details page by opening a new tab.

  • View email details through a new tab.
  • Always refresh different email details in one tab to avoid opening too many tabs.


Add more details to contact activity in quick view.

  • Quick view adds statistics for LinkedIn and SMS tasks.
  • Support viewing Call Note and Sequence tasks in Quick View.



Google SSO supports sending emails using the Email Engine channel.

  • Google SSO has been adjusted to a new authorization scope.
  • Add a reminder to enable IMAP before SSO authorization.




Support for filtering email reply tags.

  • Support recognizing auto-reply emails.
  • Reply tags support filtering data with an AND or OR relationship.



Columns that are not recognized when importing CSV files will not be imported by default.


Prevent unauthorized users from accessing restricted pages.


Block automatic email open and click events from the mail server.

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