FlashInfo New Weekly Update [4th February 2024 - 10th February 2024]

FlashInfo Discover

  • SEO people profile page adds a "Don't sell my information" link entry.
  • "Don't sell my information": Add email verification to check if the email matches the people profile requesting removal. If verified to be the same person, a verification email will automatically be sent to the mailbox, and the user only needs to click the verification link to automatically delete their profile.

  • The SEO people profile page adds an onboarding walkthrough process. Step 1 highlights "AI Research" and demonstrates the use of "AI Research", step 2 displays Profile information, step 3 guides clicking the "Research Contact" button to unlock contact information.

  • In the "AI Research" section of the SEO people profile page, if users inquire about contact information, the reply will include the "Research Contact" button to guide user operation.

FlashInfo Engage

1. Sequence Automatic Email channel supports A/B testing.

Support the implementation of AB testing in Automatic Email "New Subject" mode to assist customers in exploring best practices.
To conclude the AB test, select either A or B as the winner.
2. Custom variable selection adjusted to file classification mode

When writing emails with custom variables, you can locate the available variables using the CSV file name.
3. Email details page uses a timeline format for clearer reading.

Email details are best tracked through a timeline that records the sending and replying of emails.
4. Add disposition display to call activities records.

In call activities, you can see the corresponding disposition to help review the contact situation.