FlashInfo New Weekly Update [3rd March 2024 -8th March 2024]

FlashInfo Discover


【FlashInfo PC】
  • FlashInfo's people credit is split into Email Credit and Phone Credit sot that the new packages to be launched is able to support unlimited email lookups.
    • Modification of unlocks in Discover - People Search
    • Modification of unlocks in Discover - Local Search
    • Corresponding modifications in List - List Management for people or local stores
    • Modifications in List - CSV Enrichment under people CSV Enrichment
    • Modifications in the credit part of workflows under Automation
    • Modification of Subscription Overview under Account setting
    • Modification of Manage Credits under Account setting
    • Automatic recharge of email credit and phone credit under addon in Account setting
    • For the open API, modify the unlock credit logic.
    • Split interface of people credit in the Engage part
  • Optimize the UI display of the ICP part in the homepage Discover - People Search
  • Optimize the Saved company search and Recommended Companies under Discover - Company Search

  • Fix the inconsistency of ICP data displayed on the Discover - People Search page
  • Fix the issue where the ICP and recommend people buttons on the Discover - People Search page are unresponsive
  • Fix the issue of the automatic activation failure of the Growth Unlimited Email package
  • FlashInfo supports more languages across the platform - German, Italian, Chinese
  • Hide the Discover - Local Search tab temporarily

  • Optimize the SEO registration and payment process to make it smoother and more user-friendly.

  • For SEO on mobile, change the download APP to use Google Play for Android.
【Chrome Extension】
  • Fix the issue where part or all of the checkboxes in the plugin do not appear correctly in LinkedIn.

【FlashInfo APP】
  • Modify all unlock credit related pages on iOS.
  • Modify all unlock credit related pages on Android.


FlashInfo Engage

1. Mapping different Call Service Provider master accounts according to the company.
Enhance the isolation of company telephone services, significantly improving account security and stability.
Usage rules:
  • Service backend configuration adjustments can not be selected by customers themselves.
  • For paid/high call volume customers, open separate Twilio accounts; other customers share a Twilio account.
2. The client supports setting the Edge for the Call Service Provider.

By default, Twilio automatically routes to the nearest line based on Global Low Latency. However, if your VPN address location differs from your actual geographic location, or if you experience similar latency between two or more edge locations, manual selection of the line is required for better call quality and stability.
  • Selecting the data center for the phone.
  • Testing the scores of the selected data center nodes.
  • Edge Locations
3. Increasing high-risk identification for pending dialing numbers.

High-risk numbers involve significant risks of toll fraud and reputation damage to the originating caller, making calls more likely to be classified as spam. The identification of risky numbers comes from the Twilio database.
  • Add Blocked display and Hover tooltips to the Dialer dialing list.
  • When making a call, high-risk numbers are automatically skipped to avoid financial and reputational losses.
4. Add support for multiple languages: German, Italian, Simplified Chinese.
  • Switch language.
  • Example in Italian.
5. Insights form data for calls and Emails supports export.
Convenient for management personnel to export statistical analysis of weekly/monthly behavior.
  • Email Insights Export
  • Call Insights Export
6. Personalized email generation enables output in chosen language.
When setting up a personalized email in a Sequence, you can select the language for the email content. The email will then be generated in the chosen language.
7. Email Subject recommends supporting output in the current language.
Email subject recommendations are output based on the user's current interface language.
8. Support purchasing phone numbers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.
When collecting phone numbers, you can get numbers from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.
Note that for the UK, Germany, and Japan, you need to submit materials following the process and wait for approval before buying.
  • Japan and Germany need to submit Bundle materials, and can only make purchases after passing the review.
  • The UK needs to submit address proof and verify it before being able to purchase a number.
  • If you have an approved Bundle or address, you can select it directly when buying a number to get it instantly.
9. Optimization: Decrease WebSocket reconnection frequency during phone dialing.
WebSocket serves as a stable channel to ensure the quality and stability of the call process. Recently, we identified occasional token expiration issues in the logging platform. We aim to reduce the frequency of reconnections by optimizing the expiration mechanism.
  • Occurrence Timing: Such issues may arise when the info.flashintel.ai website remains idle for several days without refreshing.
10. Optimization: Standardize interaction across the settings page.
Remove Engage Setting page and unify it under User -> Setting.
  • Before removal:
  • After removal: