FlashInfo New Weekly Update [29th October 2023 - 4th November 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

We have added two new positions: Owner and Founder, to the Position filter.

Work Experience Processing with 'Present' Keyword

Filter out email verification data older than 6 months.

Email Ordering Based on Profile's Current Company

Added AND / OR Logic for Zip Code

Automated Data Quality Assurance with Automatic Credit Addition to Org

FlashInfo Engage

Types of LinkedIn automated support messages in the Sequence. Support creating tasks for automatic messages. If the contact is not a friend, the task will be skipped automatically. If the contact is already a friend, the message will be sent.

Support listening for LinkedIn connection acceptances and message replies. If a connection request or message is sent, it will periodically listen for whether to accept connection requests and reply to messages.

Types of LinkedIn automated support, such as posting in the Sequence.

LinkedIn conversation support for displaying a 'like post' message.

Add permission control (Beta version). Viewing, switching, and exporting data, as well as obtaining numbers, etc., require administrator access to operate.

Support the option to mark a contact as "Finished" after the call has been answered. In the Sequence settings, it is closed by default. When a call made through the Auto VM Drop mode is answered, the contact will continue to execute tasks instead of being marked as finished.