FlashInfo New Weekly Update [28th January 2024 - 3rd February 2024]

FlashInfo Discover

【FlashInfo PC】
  • Supports allowing the upload of CSV, adding include/exclude list filters in people search to filter and select data
  • CSV upload supports custom fields
    • Add custom field display in CSV details
    • For original data of CSV with custom fields, can directly add to dialer, add to sequence
    • For CSV with custom fields matched with FlashInfo data, supports unlocking, add to dialer, add to sequence
    • Custom fields in CSV can be used in email personalization in Engage

  • Optimize the display of invitation emails for the Unlimited Parallel Dialer package
【FlashInfo Android/IOS】
  • Use templates to generate initial example messages for AI Research for both company and people profile page.
  • People Profile detail page v1.3 is live
    • Place AI Research in the center of the main layout
    • Add question suggestions to AI Research, users can directly click on suggested questions to ask
    • Move profile information to the right sidebar of the page
    • Divide profile information into 3 tabs, "Research Details", "Skills & Insights", "Colleagues"

  • Company Profile detail page v1.3

  • Add more FAQs related to package benefits for Unlimited Parallel Dialer
  • Optimize the settings of the CRM integration part to make it easier for users to understand
    • Change "CRM Enrichment setting" (unrelated to enrich) to "CRM Sync Data Setting"
    • Allow simultaneously selecting data from both "contacts" and "list" in CRM to pull into FlashInfo

【FlashInfo Chrome Extension】
  • When the user has not activated the CRM data sync setting, using the CRM sync function will trigger a more explicit prompt. 

FlashInfo Engage

1. Support the use of custom variables when writing emails in a sequence.

When uploading a CSV file to Enrich, custom variables will be generated. The generated custom variables can be used in automatic emails and personalized emails in Sequence.
2. Support recommend email subject by AI

If the company value proposition is filled out, AI will automatically recommend suitable email subject when writing.
3. Support auto-purchasing a number for trial users of the Dialer unlimited plan.

Trial users who have activated the dialer unlimited plan will be automatically assigned a US phone number. If the trial ends without an upgrade, the number will be cancelled.
4. Add the "Disposition" column to the Calls History and Support filter.

Support displaying disposition data in call history and filtering the records accordingly.
5. Add a tab for displaying the total call history and support Export.

Add a tab for all call records, which allows viewing the call history of all statuses and supports exporting data to a CSV file.
6. Call notes will be set to custom input by default after the call.

After the call ends, the note log will default to custom input. It also supports selecting quick notes to avoid unnecessary logs.
7. Email lists in the inbox and outbox support sorting.

You can quickly locate emails within a specified time period by adjusting the sorting in the inbox and outbox.