FlashInfo New Weekly Update [13th August 2023 - 19th Aug 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

Submit A Ticket

  • Users can now create and submit tickets.

  • Added four request types: 
    • General Inquiry, 
    • Product Issue, 
    • Billing Issue, and 
    • Feature Request.

Research Contact in Real Time

Now, users can click on the "Research Contact" button and obtain the contact information of people in real time based on the data research process.. 

This functionality has been added to:

  • People Search
  • Local Search
  • People's Detail Page
  • People's Data Directory Page


SalesLoft With FlashInfo

  • Users can now integrate their SalesLoft with FlashInfo.

  • Users can now configure settings based on:
    • Company Mapping,
    • Contact Mapping, and
    • Contact Owner Mapping.

  • Users can push data from FlashInfo to SalesLoft based on:
    • Single Contact push
    • Bulk Contact Push

  • In SalesLoft, users can view data based on Contact Owner mapping.

  • Engage based activities, such as
    • Sequence activities
      • Add To Sequence log
      • Remove From Sequence log
    • Email activities
      • Send Email Log
      • Reply Email Log
    • Call activities
      • Call Recording URL
    • Get recorded in SalesLoft -> Contact -> Activities Section.

  • CRM Enrichment Built with SalesLoft as:
    • Users can import contacts from SalesLoft to FlashInfo,
    • Enrich contacts,
    • Add to sequence,
    • Add to dialer,
    • Remove from enrichment table, and
    • View before-and-after data for SalesLoft data.

Zapier With FlashInfo

  • We've implemented configurations for 1800+ apps based on Zapier and FlashInfo.
  • Users can now build their workflows using Zapier and FlashInfo.

For Zapier integration, organizations must have the Elite Plan and generate an API key.

  • In Zapier, multiple templates have been successfully launched with FlashInfo such as:
    • Slack,
    • Mailchimp,
    • Google Contact,
    • Customer.io,
    • Upscale,
    • Reply.


FlashInfo Engage

Support for receiving SMS

  • FlashInfo support for receiving SMS  and check into the FlashInfo as unified centralized view. 

Generate text message using FlashInfo AI

  • FlashInfo support generating text messages through FlashInfo AI.
  • User can able to use FlashInfo Content AI and write personalized SMS content using FlashInfo AI. 

  • Support control SMS can send countries and submit TFN verification.

  • Support assigning users who can use SMS
  • Administrators can manage personnel who are allowed to use SMS in the Users tab of the SMS settings.

Get SMS Permission Control Access in Sequence

  • Support for SMS Permission Control.
  • SMS only available for Advanced and Elite subscribers

  • Optimize AI commands for email generation

  • CSV import contacts support manual Mapping

  • Access the Email Engine service API