FlashInfo New Weekly Update [12th November 2023 - 18th November 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

Added ZipCode Filter AND/OR in Company Search


AI Agent V1.0

  • Added Call Log List
  • Added Call Details


  • Added Function to Play Call Audio and Display Text with Synchronous Scrolling
  • Added Display Call Text Based on Role
  • Added Display Call Audio by Role While Calculating Customer Speaking Time
  • Added Google Calendar Meeting Functionality


Chrome Extension Upgrade

Added Salesforce Based Functionality 

Enable / Disable Salesforce


Updated Setting for Salesforce to Enable - Switch Any One CRM Enrichment Option

Salesforce Option

  • Import Individual or Multiple Contacts to FlashInfo CRM Enrichment
  • Add Individual or Multiple Contacts to FlashInfo Sequence
  • Add Individual or Multiple Contacts to FlashInfo Dialer
  • Import List-Based Individual or Multiple Contacts to FlashInfo CRM Enrichment
  • Add List-Based Individual or Multiple Contacts to FlashInfo Sequence
  • Add List-Based Individual or Multiple Contacts to FlashInfo Dialer

Salesforce Import

Added Log for All Activities Based on Engagement.

Salesforce Log

FlashInfo Engage

Mailbox Management (Warm-Up Switch, Status)

The list of bound email addresses has been updated to display the email rating, Warm-Up status, and daily sending limit for each mailbox. Mailboxes now support users manually reconnecting at any time to update the status.




Each mailbox supports personalized configuration. There is support for setting the sender name, signature, and BCC in the account settings.


Support is available for setting the sending limit in the Delivery settings, and the Sending limit feature allows for intuitive viewing of the current risk level.


Increase email health checks and remind users to configure the email domain correctly.


Integrate Warm-Up settings to support enabling Warm-Up directly on the mailbox page.


When deleting a mailbox, it is necessary to specify a replacement mailbox. To optimize the process of deleting an email, logic has been added to specify and replace the mailbox. This avoids users being unable to execute mail tasks properly after deleting their mailbox.


Users can still choose to delete directly, but this will increase the corresponding warning.


Enhance the switch control for email open monitoring. Support for disabling email open tracking is available to improve email deliverability. To ensure continuity of user data, disabling the open listener will also synchronously disable the click listener. Similarly, enabling the click listener will synchronously enable the open listener.


Real-time validation of sequence recipients supports control over contact types. By default, real-time validation is applied only to FlashInfo contacts; imported contacts are not validated.


Add a reminder when importing contacts into a paused Sequence. When importing into a paused Sequence, the user is prompted to resume the Sequence before executing the task.
The LinkedIn account supports customizable settings for the daily task quantity.
The LinkedIn settings page now includes an explanation for reasons an account may be inactive.