FlashInfo New Weekly Update [10th September 2023 - 16th September 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

Once again, the FlashInfo Weekly Feature Updates have arrived. Here, you can find information about all the new features, improved features, and optimizations that have been implemented in FlashInfo throughout the week. Let's get started. 🚀

Improve Result

  • Added Improve Result For Unlocked People - For People's who Job Position is >= Director Level

Once User will unlock any people using Research Contact button, then they will see this Improve Result.

  • Click on Improve Result and It will update the people profile and find and update with new contact Information.

  • Click on "Yes" And FlashInfo will find the Updated Information.


Open In New Tab Process

  • Click on Menu Or Sub Menu Item and user will be route to new tab open.


Department Filter Updated

  • FlashInfo updated Department Filter with New Dictionary with better targeted for Job Profiles of People.

  • Added More Departments in Dictionary. Now Total Department category listed as 15.

People Company Relationship Updated

  • FlashInfo updated the People's Primary Company Relationship based on Linkedin Company Based.

  • Rule added as If People is not having Company as Public In Linkedin, then Based on Experience, recent active company working duration will be term as Primary Company
  • Based on this, People and Company relationship also update into FlashInfo

New Pricing Updated

FlashInfo Engage


  • Support manual input to dial the number
  • Click on the phone icon in the navigation to enter the dialing number.
  • Clicking on the contact number in the call history supports direct dialing.
  • Display basic contact information when making a call.

  • Support for logging after the call ends.


  • Implemented statistics recalculate and adding tips
  • Contacts, emails, calls indicators add explanatory tips

  • Indicators displayed as a percentage support displaying the original value after a Hover

  • Contacts number and email number support view details

  • Sequence details support display schedule
  • Sequence details support actions such as duplicate and change owner