FlashInfo New Weekly Update [03rd September 2023 - 09th September 2023]

FlashInfo Discover

Once again, the FlashInfo Weekly Feature Updates have arrived. Here, you can find information about all the new features, improved features, and optimizations that have been implemented in FlashInfo throughout the week. Let's get started. 🚀

FlashInfo IOS 1.5.7 Launched

  1. Added Linkedin QR Code. Users can scan a prospect's Linkedin QR and add it to the Scan section for future processing.

  2. Add To List / Add To Sequence / Add To Dialer Based Activities

  • Users can add Scanned Business Cards and Scanned Linkedin QR code Profiles to the People List in Bulk Operations.
  • Users can add Linkedin QR scanned People to Sequences in a One To One process or in Bulk Selection.
  • Users can add Linkedin QR scanned People to the Dialer in a One To One process or in Bulk.

GTM Automation V1.0

  1. Implemented GTM Automation V1.0. Currently in Alpha Version, with more functionalities under development.

  2. Added 10 Templates for users.

  • Funding Round Signal
  • Job Change Targeting
  • Social Intent Signal Targeting
  • Trending Industry Events Targeting
  • Job Listing
  • Revenue Milestone
  • Awareness of special location
  • Funding Insights
  • Key Position Changes
  • Company Expansion

  1. Added Manual Create GTM Automation Workflow Function.

  1. Added 7 Triggers and 3 Actions in GTM Automation.

  2. Added Workflow Management where users can see the list of all created workflow automations.

FlashInfo Pricing Upgrade

Added more options based on new changes at https://www.flashintel.ai/flashinfo-pricing/

A. Added GTM Automation Based on:

  • Advance Plan -> Allowed to use GTM and 5 Automations Per Org.
  • Elite Plan -> Allowed to use GTM and 10 Automations Per Org.

B. Added SMS Based on:

  • Professional Plan -> 500/month per user.
  • Advance Plan -> 1000/month per user.
  • Elite Plan -> 1000/month per user.

Added New Add-Ons In FlashInfo All In One

  1. Users can buy SMS Credits based on As Per Go Mode.
  2. 4 Plans are available:
  • 15,000 SMS Credits -> Pay $399 One Time.
  • 10,000 SMS Credits -> Pay $299 One Time.
  • 5,000 SMS Credits -> Pay $199 One Time.
  • 1,000 SMS Credits -> Pay $59 One Time.

Company Phone For People

  1. Added New Filter As Company Phone.

  2. Now users can use Company Phone and search based on People.

  3. Added company phone for ~45M and adding more.

  4. Added Company Phone In People Search View.

A. In case of Unverified Phone Number

B. In case of verified Phone Number

Allow Users To Add Self-Added Numbers into Dialer

  1. As before, users can add phone numbers to People Profiles.
  2. Now, after adding the Number, users can add those phone numbers to the Dialer.

Add To Sequence / Add To Dialer From People Profile Details

  1. Allow users to add people to sequences from People Profile Details.
  2. Allow users to add people to the dialer from People Profile Details.

FlashInfo Engage

Restructuring Sequence Lists to Enhance Progress Perception and Metric Reach

   1. After hovering over enrolled contacts, you can view the progress of the current sequence execution.
   2. Within the insights section, you can access sending metrics and reach metrics.

Adjusting Sequence Pause Status and Actions

   1. Transition from toggle mode to tab mode, reducing the prominence of actions to turn on and off, and emphasizing execution.
   2. Include a "pause" and "resume" option in the Sequence operation menu.

Refining Data Analysis in the Sequence Overview

   1. Introduce a new overview page with enhanced data insights, enabling you to view detailed metrics for emails and calls.
   2. Add a "Steps" page to display the progress of task execution.

Support for Viewing Detailed Email Insights Overview

   - Each email metric now allows you to view details in a new tab upon clicking.

Manually Adding Contacts to the Blocklist

   - On the call history page, you can add numbers that need to be blocked to the blocklist using filters.

Enhanced Filtering Mode for Outbound Call Records

   - When hovering over "Outbound," you can now filter the call mode. Specifically, "Webhook call" refers to notification calls triggered through CRM.

Integration of Sales Information Adjustments into Organization Settings

   - Currently, sales information primarily applies to call scripts and will be expanded to encompass email and SMS content as soon as possible.

Reconstruction of Email Delivery Services with an Email Engine

   - Ensure randomness and stickiness in email delivery under the condition of successful delivery. If the corresponding random or sticky mailbox is unavailable, it will automatically be replaced with an available mailbox for sending.