Why FlashInfo Chrome Extension asks for permissions to read and change data across all websites

FlashInfo will require all of its FlashInfo Chrome Extension users to update their permissions on their Chrome browser to allow FlashInfo to read and change all their data on all websites.

Other than CRMs, FlashInfo will be able to read the data only after you actively click the add-on tool. Otherwise no data will be read.

This is a very common practice with prospecting solutions, as it enhances and expands the functionality of your favorite prospecting tools.

In short, we are doing it to ensure you have a seamless experience with FlashInfo Chrome Extension anywhere on the web.

So, how can FlashInfo Chrome Extension better serve you across any website?

FlashInfo on LinkedIn

Leverage FlashInfo Chrome Extension on LinkedIn profile pages, company pages, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter to discover lists of relevant prospects and bulk enrich their details in one-go.

FlashInfo Everywhere

Just like it sounds, FlashInfo Chrome Extension serves you anywhere on the web. Simply go to any company website which fits your ideal company profile and click on FlashInfo Chrome Extension to reveal lists of top stakeholders, employees, and company info. Reveal their contact data instantly.

FlashInfo on CRM

FlashInfo on CRM works on Salesforce and Hubspot. It enables you to use FlashInfo Chrome Extension on contact profiles and company/account pages to either ensure your current data is up-to-date and accurate or provide you with lists of relevant employees and their contact info according to the company you’re looking at.