Why do I only see 10 results at a time?

Embrace Real-Time Search: The Key to Accurate and Relevant Data for Your Sales Success.

As FlashInfo operates as a real-time search engine, its functionality differs from the typical database workflow.

Instead of downloading contacts in bulk, we display only 10 results at a time, requiring users to navigate through the search results page-by-page.

The most successful users of our platform utilize the real-time search engine to conduct searches at a controlled pace. This approach ensures the accuracy and relevance of the data accessed from our system.

For optimal results, we recommend running lists weekly to keep the real-time data up-to-date and relevant. Large bulk pulls of data quickly become outdated and lead to inaccurate datasets, posing challenges for sales teams aiming to execute effective outbound campaigns and outreach.

While large data pulls may be suitable for traditional databases, at FlashInfo, pacing your searches allows you to fully leverage the unique access we provide to real-time data, which accurately reflects immediate changes in your total addressable market.