Technologies - Company Prospect

Hyper-target and build segments based on company prospect search using the Technologies filter in FlashInfo's Company Search.

FlashInfo provides a Technologies filter that helps you create hyper-targeted company segments among our 90+ million company database to target companies linked with specific technologies. Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your FlashInfo account.
  2. Go to the FlashInfo Prospect Page or click on the left upper corner of your screen to start company prospecting.
  3. Go to the Technologies Filter and enter a keyword. You can select multiple technologies by clicking on them from the suggested technology list.
  4. After selection, your Company prospect data will filter and show the record of the Company's profiles which link with the selected technology.

Please note that this filter helps you narrow down your search and find the companies that use specific technologies, making it easier for you to target them with your marketing campaigns.