Prospecting with FlashInfo Chrome Extension on Salesforce

Prospecting with FlashInfo Chrome Extension on Salesforce lets you enrich Salesforce contacts with accurate contact info and then sync them with other integrations.

It also lets you prospect on any Salesforce account to take your account-based marketing and selling to the next level.

Update Salesforce consistently and work with a cleaner database.

Use cases:

  • Fix data silos in your CRM

  • Complete each record with accurate data

  • Replace tab switching with end-to-end prospecting

  • Simplify your ABM prospecting

  • Spot priority leads to follow up on

To enrich contacts in Salesforce:

  • Go to the Contacts tab > Select the Contact or type their name in the Search.

  • Click on the FlashInfo Chrome Extension icon.

  • Open the Extension to uncover any company info FlashInfo Chrome Extension has on this contact.

  • Click Show contact > get enriched info: the contact’s direct dials, work number, and email.


Salesforce account comes with credit limitation. If you get error from FlashInfo Chrome Extension, Please connect with Salesforce Customer Support team.