Prospecting with FlashInfo Chrome Extension on HubSpot

Available to all FlashInfo Chrome Extension users who use HubSpot. 

Use cases:

  • Fix data silos in HubSpot

  • Complete each record with accurate data

  • Replace tab switching with end-to-end prospecting

  • Simplify ABM prospecting

How it works:

FlashInfo Chrome Extension on HubSpot automates prospecting in two ways:

  • Contact pages = contact enrichment

  • Company pages = Account based prospecting for ABM (account based marketing) and ABS (account based sales)

Contact enrichment

To enrich any HubSpot contact with missing details and faulty information:

  1. Go to any Contact page
  2. Open FlashInfo Chrome Extension and check if FlashInfo Chrome Extension has contact information on the contact.
  3. Click Show contact to get the contact’s direct dial, phone number, and email address.
  4. Click Save contact to save all this rich and fresh data to:
    1. A new list on your FlashInfo dashboard > click Create then Save
    2. A platform: Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Zoho > click Save 

Account-based prospecting from HubSpot

Identify key accounts in your HubSpot and the right people to reach out to within that account.

  1. Go to any Company page

  2. Open FlashInfo Chrome Extension on HubSpot and get an instant snapshot of the company, including key information and its employees

  3. Start to prospect on HubSpot: Search by name or title, filter by department, seniority, contact location, or data type.

  4. Email the contact directly from the Extension menu or auto-dial from HubSpot.