Obtaining a Phone Number

In order to utilize the calling feature in FlashInfo Engage, you must first obtain a phone number. Access to phone numbers is limited to paid users, and free users are not eligible for a trial.

Step 1: Access the Phone Number Settings

  1. Click on the "Engage" tab within FlashInfo.
  2. Locate and click on the Settings icon.
  3. Choose the "Phone" tab.

Step 2: Select Country

  1. Currently, only the United States is supported for phone numbers.
  2. Choose the United States as your country.

Step 3: Choose an Area Code

  1. Select your desired area code from the available options.

Step 4: Get a Phone Number

  1. Click on the "Get Number" button to randomly obtain a mobile phone number within your chosen area code.
  2. After successful acquisition, the phone number will be displayed in the Phone settings section.

Upon completion of these steps, you will have successfully obtained a phone number for use with FlashInfo Engage.