Monitoring Sequence Performance

Tracking the performance of your sequences in FlashInfo Engage is crucial for optimizing engagement with prospects.

Sequence Performance Metrics

When a contact enters a sequence, FlashInfo Engage tracks various performance metrics, including:

  1. Delivery Rate: Number of successfully sent emails / Total number of sent emails
  2. Open Rate: Number of opened emails / Number of successfully sent emails
  3. Click Rate: Number of clicked emails / Number of successfully sent emails
  4. Reply Rate: Number of replied emails / Number of successfully sent emails
  5. Bounce Rate: Number of bounced emails / Total number of sent emails

By monitoring these metrics, you can gain insights into the overall effectiveness of your sequences and identify areas for improvement.

Contact Statuses in Sequences

Contacts within a sequence can have different statuses, which include:

  1. Active: The contact is currently engaged in the sequence and progressing through the steps.
  2. Pending: The contact is waiting to be engaged or moved to the next step in the sequence.
  3. Paused: The contact's progress in the sequence has been temporarily halted.
  4. Finished: The contact has completed all steps in the sequence.

Monitoring contact statuses can help you understand the engagement level of your prospects and ensure that your sequences are running smoothly.

By tracking sequence performance metrics and contact statuses, you can optimize your engagement efforts in FlashInfo Engage and achieve better results in your sales and marketing campaigns.