Job Intent - A Powerful Tool for Revenue Teams

FlashInfo's Job Intent is a powerful feature of its In-Market-Timing Engine that can help revenue teams identify companies who are actively seeking new talent.

This feature enables users to track job postings in real-time, allowing them to identify companies that are likely to have a need for their product or service.

FlashInfo's In-market-timing engine comprises four distinct intent signals:

  1. Job Intent: The In-Market-Timing Engine monitors job postings within companies to identify prospects who may be more receptive to your offerings due to their current hiring needs and organizational growth.

  2. Social Intent: By analyzing social media activities, the engine can determine prospects' interests and engagement with specific topics or industries, providing insights into their current needs and potential pain points.

  3. Topic Intent: FlashInfo tracks companies' interactions with content related to your offerings, such as articles, webinars, and whitepapers, to gauge their interest level and readiness to engage with your company.

  4. Technology Intent: The engine identifies companies that are using specific technologies, tools, or platforms relevant to your products or services. This information can help you target prospects who are more likely to require your solutions.

How Job Intent works?
Job Intent works by monitoring job postings across various job boards and company websites. The data collected is then analyzed using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to determine which companies are actively hiring for specific roles. FlashInfo's Job Intent data is always accurate and up-to-date, giving users a direct indication of buyer intent.

How Job Intent stands out?
The Job Intent feature stands out from other buyer intent products in several ways. First, it provides a more direct indication of buyer intent since companies that are actively hiring are likely to have an immediate need for a solution. Second, it provides a unique source of data that is not commonly available from other buyer intent products. Third, FlashInfo's Job Intent feature covers a broad range of industries and job types, providing users with a comprehensive view of the job market.

Use Case 1: Pain Point Identification
One use case for FlashInfo's Job Intent feature is to identify companies that are likely to have pain points related to their hiring needs. For example, a user could search for companies that are actively hiring for a certain role, such as a sales manager. By targeting companies that are likely struggling to fill key roles, users can offer their product or service as a solution to their pain points. This approach has been shown to be effective, with users reporting a significant increase in response rates and overall sales performance.

User Case 2: Competitor Tracking

Another use case for FlashInfo's Job Intent feature is to monitor a competitor's hiring activity. By tracking a competitor's job postings, users can gain insight into their growth strategy and overall business priorities. This information can be used to inform a user's own sales and marketing efforts and help them stay ahead of the competition.


FlashInfo's Job Intent feature has been shown to be highly effective in driving sales and improving overall revenue performance. Users have reported significant increases in response rates and sales conversions, as well as improvements in overall customer acquisition metrics. With its comprehensive coverage and accurate data, Job Intent is a powerful tool for revenue teams looking to identify in-market demand and close more deals.