Get a Number for Power Dialer Outbound Calls

Obtaining the Power Dialer caller phone number in Engage is a crucial prerequisite for any outbound call-related operations. Additionally, selecting the right phone number is also essential to ensure the best call answer rates.

Here are the steps and considerations for getting a phone number in Engage through the organization's settings:

Engage - Setting - (Left navigation bar) Organization - Phone Number


  1. How to obtain an outbound call number?
    Please follow these steps to enter the settings: Click "Setting" on the Engage function page, enter "Organization," and select "Phone Number." You can select a country and area code and click the "Get a Number" button to obtain the corresponding phone number. This number can be used for outbound calls through Power Dialer and Automatic Call modes. If an administrator or member in the organization has already requested a number, you can use it directly. All requested numbers by members in the organization can be shared.
  2. How to choose a caller phone number to ensure the best answer rate?
    It is recommended to select a phone number whose country and region match the location of the intended customers to significantly improve the answer rate. This is important for ensuring effective and efficient communication within the organization.
  3. Which countries and regions support the use of phone numbers?
    Currently, only phone numbers in the North American region with a country code of +1 are supported. We will open up applications for phone numbers from more countries and regions in the future. If you need to apply for phone numbers from other countries and regions, you can also directly contact our intelligent customer service through FlashGenie at the bottom right corner of the webpage.
By following these steps and considerations to obtain the correct phone number, you can improve your organization's communication efficiency and call answer rates and complete outbound call-related operations more effectively.