FlashInfo - Zip Code Filter

What is Zip Code Filter?

  • The "Zip Code Filter" is a feature in FlashInfo Discover that allows users to narrow down search results based on specific postal (or zip) codes.
  • By inputting a particular zip code, users can refine and display only the results, listings, or data associated with that zip code or geographic area.

Use cases for implementing a Zip Code filter

1. Localized Recruitment:
   - Scenario: A company wants to hire employees for a new branch they're opening in a specific location. They want candidates who live nearby to reduce commute times and logistical challenges.
   - Use of Zip Code Filter: HR managers or recruiters can use the filter to find potential candidates who reside within or close to the desired zip code, ensuring proximity to the new branch.

2. Market Research:
   - Scenario: A research firm wants to conduct a study on consumer behavior in a specific urban neighborhood.
   - Use of Zip Code Filter: The firm can use the filter to identify residents within the targeted zip code to send out surveys or invite them for focus group discussions.

3. Localized Marketing and Sales Campaigns:
   - Scenario: A sales representative is tasked with targeting potential leads in a particular region for a promotional campaign.
   - Use of Zip Code Filter: The representative can filter their database to focus on individuals within the targeted zip code, ensuring that their outreach is geographically relevant and potentially more effective.

In each of these use cases, the Zip Code filter in FlashInfo People Search as well as In Company Search acts as a powerful tool to streamline efforts, increase efficiency, and provide more targeted results based on geographic relevance.

Currently FlashInfo supports only 2 countries for Zip Code Search:

  • USA
  • Canada

Zip Code Format Supports

  • For USA: A standard ZIP Code is five digits long. For example, 90210 is a famous ZIP Code associated with Beverly Hills, California. So please use the 5 digits when you are trying to do search for USA based prospect. 
  • For Canada: Canadian postal codes are alphanumeric and have a specific structure. They are written in the format "ANA," where "A" represents a letter and "N" represents a number. For example, "K1A" is the postal code for Canada Post's headquarters in Ottawa.

Please use only CITY Level Zip Code, Not as Pin point as Postal Delivery. FlashInfo supports only City level zip code. 

Possible Error Code

If you are getting any alert as Zip Code must be alphanumeric! it mean, you are using the wrong format of zip code. Please follow the Zip code format from above section.