How to use the blocklist through Automation?

Add to the DND (Do Not Disturb) Blocklist through Log, note in Calls, and subsequently no calls or emails will be made to this person.

In Engage - Setting - Blocklist, you can import the blocklist through "Import from CSV", or directly enter into the blocklist through "Add Record".



After we use the dialer to call contacts, some contacts will be marked as "Do Not Call", and then we hope that these already marked contacts will not be called again next time. We can automatically add the contacts marked as "Do Not Call" to the blocklist through Automation.


1. Follow the numbers in the figure below to find the personal center - Settings-Calls-Automation.



2. Click the blue "Add Automation" button, then follow the options in the dropdown menu in the picture, select the corresponding Disposition and automation actions. 
undefined-2At this point, the automation of marking as Do Not Call after making outbound calls and adding to the Blocklist has been set up. 


3. When we use the Dialer to call a contact, after the call ends, if we select "Answered - Do Not Call", this person will be added to the Blocklist. Subsequently, when using the Dialer, we will not call this person again.