Creating and Managing Sequences

Sequences are a powerful feature in FlashInfo, designed to help your team engage with prospects effectively through a series of messages and activities.

Step 1: Preparing for a Sequence Before creating a sequence, ensure that you have bound your email address and acquired a phone number to be used for sending emails and making phone calls within the sequence.

Step 2: Creating a Sequence

  1. Navigate to the "Engage" tab -> Sequences in FlashInfo.
  2. Click "Create Sequence" or a similar option to start designing a new sequence.
  3. Configure the sequence by adding steps, such as emails and phone calls, and setting the desired time intervals between each step.
  4. Save your sequence once you have completed the setup.

Step 3: Adding Contacts to a Sequence

  1. Locate the contacts you want to add to the sequence, either through search results or from a list.
  2. Select the contacts you wish to include in the sequence.
  3. Choose the "Add to Sequence" option and select the sequence you created earlier.
  4. Confirm the addition of the selected contacts to the sequence.

Step 4: Monitoring Sequence Performance

  1. In the "Engage" tab -> Sequences, you can access an overview of the sequence's performance.
  2. Review metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, reply rates, and more to understand how your sequence is performing.
  3. Adjust your sequence as necessary based on performance metrics and feedback.

Step 5: Managing Engage Activities

  1. Within the "Engage" tab -> Sequences, you can view and manage all activities related to your sequences, such as sent emails, scheduled phone calls, and completed tasks.
  2. Use this information to stay organized and ensure that all sequence activities are executed as planned.

By following these steps, you will be able to create and manage sequences in FlashInfo effectively, ultimately improving your team's engagement with prospects.