Adding Contacts to a Sequence

After unlocking target customer contacts, you can add them to a sequence in FlashInfo Engage for engagement.

Step 1: Access the Sequence Menu

  • Click on the "Sequence" menu within FlashInfo Engage.

Step 2: Select a Sequence

  • Choose the desired sequence from the list of available sequences.

Step 3: Select a Sender's Email

  • Pick the email account that will be used for sending messages within the sequence.

Step 4: Add Contacts to the Sequence

  1. On the search page or list page, select the unlocked contacts. A "Sequence" button will appear.
  2. Click on the "Sequence" button and choose the sequence you wish to add the contacts to.
  3. The selected contacts will be added to the sequence.

Step 5: Review Added Contacts

  • Navigate to the sequence details page to view all the contacts added to the sequence.

By following these steps, you will be able to add contacts to a sequence in FlashInfo Engage, allowing you to efficiently engage with prospects using the configured steps and settings.